Spend Down


Fred Hammer began his barter career in 1979 with Blue Key Exchange in San Francisco; and previously worked ten years in automotive sales and management. Prior he worked eight years in display advertising production with the Ad-Art Sign Company and two years in the Army Airborne. Fred founded Sacramento Trade Exchange in 1982, organized reciprocal trading amongst local trade exchanges, and subsequently acquired the local Trade World Exchange. Through Fred's early association with the International Reciprocal Trade Association he forged relationships with the newly founded ITEX Barter Systems, and was instrumental in the local National Commerce Exchange converting to ITEX. The continued reciprocal relationship set the foundation for Sacramento Trade Exchange to merge into ITEX three years later. Fred and Ray Pelfrey, the then ITEX Broker created a partnership to become the dominate exchange in the region. Seven years later Ray retired from the business and relocated to Oklahoma to pursue other business interests and Fred went on hiatus and returned to reopen an ITEX office in 1997. In 2006 Fred purchased another ITEX Franchise in Sacramento and operates it and his licensed brokerage at the Chippendale Business Park in Sacramento. Fred was a co-founder of the California Trade Association, a political organization of independent trade exchange owners and a reporter for BarterNews. In 1979 Fred associated with the International Reciprocal Trade Association (formerly the International Association of Trade Exchanges) and was one of the original first recipients of the association's prestigious Certified Trade Broker (CTB) designation. Fred also is a past IRTA board member and served on the IRTA Legislative Committee to defeat the detrimental California Barter Bill. The IRTA, in 1987, honored Fred with the Distinguished Service Award for his outstanding contribution to the Barter industry. Fred is two time past President of the ITEX Brokers Association; he brought reform by introducing the association's first bylaws and code of ethics. Fred also served as an alternate board member to ITEX Corporation prior to it becoming a public company.