Carolyn Royer

Trade Manager

Carolyn is a born trader. At age four she filled up her little red wagon with old newspapers and went door to door trading and selling them and believe it or not she received flowers, pennies and books She was a cosmetologist 1960-1970 learning to accept trade for things she was needing or wanting. In 1974 while staying home and raising her three children she started a business called The Plant Lady a very lucrative and successful part time business teaching the customer the correct way of watering and positioning the plants in their homes and businesses. At this time Carolyn was learning how to trade with the business owners swapping plants and monthly maintenance for their products. In 1979 one of her trade customers referred her to Fred Hammer at Sacramento Trade Exchange. Carolyn learned about the trading world from the experienced and fair minded Fred Hammer She worked for 3 years and then Trade World merged with Sacramento Trade Exchange. Adding to her experience the new partners taught Carolyn new & interesting trade directing techniques. In 1987 she left Sacramento Trade Exchange to join forces with the new, exciting & larger ITEX Sacramento office owned by Ray Pelfrey. Working with Ray was very different and taught her to think out of the box seeking the larger trades and deals. Carolyn was with Ray for 6 months when Fred Hammer merged his Sacramento Trade Exchange to ITEX Sacramento, she worked for the partners for 5 years. Then deciding she needed a simpler way of life she became a massage therapist and was very successful teaching massage as well as running her own business. During this time she bought a Sports Bar and Restaurant. This started a new way to trading to help improve the appearance, restore old equipment and bring in the new clientele. While trying to obtain a job from the State of California she worked part time for ITEX Sacramento and Fred Hammer. After working for Fred for 2 months he made Carolyn an offer she couldn't resist and is now working for Hammer Management permanently.